CSRC Colloquium
Leveraging Economics In Wireless Multimedia Network Design: Solutions of Game Theory and Machine Learning
Friday, December 4, 2020
3:30 PM
Virtual Zoom Conference
Dr. Wei Wang, Computer Science, San Diego State University
This talk conceptualizes a new framework named Smart Media Pricing (SMP), to price the QoE rather than the binary data traffic in wireless multimedia communication services. The investigators try to establish a new dimension of price-distortion in wireless multimedia communication resource allocation, complementing traditional rate-distortion and power-distortion resource allocation approaches. The first part of this talk will chalk up a game- theoretic solution as a two-stage Stackelberg game and derive the Nash Equilibrium using a backward induction method. The second part of this talk will explore a machine learning solution leveraging economic theories and computation intelligence. The future ultimate goal is to identify possible harmonious interplay between three entities in wireless networks: Content Provider (CP), Wireless Carrier (WC), and User Equipment (UE).

Dr. Wei Wang is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at San Diego State University (SDSU). He joined San Diego State University in August 2014. He was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at South Dakota State University from January 2010 to May 2014. He received his Ph.D. degree from University of Nebraska - Lincoln, NE, USA, in December 2009. He worked as a Software Engineer with Nokia Siemens Networks Ltd (former Siemens Communications Ltd) in 2005. His research interests include wireless networks, wireless multimedia communications, QoE-QoS issues, network economics and IoTs. He serves as the publication co-chair of IEEE INFOCOM 2020, the area chair of IEEE ICME 2020-2019, the symposium co-chair of IEEE GLOBECOM-NGNI 2019, the track-chair of ACM SAC 2019, the web co-chair of IEEE INFOCOM 2018-16, the symposium co-chair of IEEE ICC-NGNI 2018, a Guest Editor of several journals and special issues, the Co-Director of IEEE MMTC Review Board 2020-2017, and the Co-Director of the IEEE MMTC Publicity Board 2016-2014.

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