ACSESS Program Overview

Through a partnership with academia, the Applied Computational Science and Engineering Student Support (ACSESS) program provides U.S. industry with a unique opportunity to help capture and sustain global economic leadership. Click here to learn more.....

Just what is Computational Science & Engineering?

Computational Science & Engineering (CS&E) is a growing field in which computational models are used to understand subtle interactions and complex systems or to work with masses of data. These models often employ fundamental equations of nature, such as equations of Newtonian mechanics and quantum mechanics, or the Navier-Stokes equation for fluid dynamics. These models are then used to make predictions and statistical projections crucial for improving product quality and efficiency. Automobile design is a classic example. Automobiles designed with the aid of these CS&E tools have effectively doubled their fuel efficiency and are dramatically safer during collisions. Click here to learn more.....

Why now?

Until very recently, the use of supercomputers to address complex problems had been the purview of an elite community, usually academic researchers, since access to supercomputers costs tens of millions of dollars.

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