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January 2019
Donate to the CSRC
Help influence the direction of CSRC efforts to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions... Learn more…
January 2019
The Computational Science Research Center will again host the 2019 ACSESS for Industry event on April 12, 2019. Highlights include keynote speaker, oral and poster presentations, and a chance to interact with industry professionals. Register to attend the event now... Learn more…
January 2019
Apply to the Graduate Program Now
The CSRC is now accepting applications for Fall 2019 for both the Doctoral and Master's programs. The application period opens October 1... Learn more…
April 2019 - Featured Student Research
Parallel Implementation of a PETSc-based Framework for the General Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model
The General Curvilinear Coastal Ocean Model (GCCOM) is a 3D curvilinear, nonhydrostatic, large eddie simulation model that is capable of running ocean and atmospheric simulations. GCCOM is an inherentlyh... Learn more…
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