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September 2020
Donate to the CSRC
Help support CSRC efforts to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions... Learn more…
November 2020 - Featured Student Research
Deep Whistle Contour
We presents a learning based method fordetecting whistles of toothed whales from under-water hydrophone recordings. Our method represents audio signals as time-frequency spectrogram and employs the Fully Convolution Network (FCN) to estimate for each spectrogram a map... Learn more…
May 2020
CoVID-19 Information from Viral Information Institute
The Viral Information Institute at San Diego State University has valuable information regarding CoVID-19... Learn more…
September 2020
Applications Open September 1st For Graduate Admission
Applications for admission into the PhD program open September 1st, and Master's degree programs will be open starting October 1st. Interested applicants should apply online by the deadline... Learn more…
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