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October 2018
Donate to the CSRC
Help influence the direction of CSRC efforts to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions... Learn more…
November 2018
SoCal Hackathon 2019
We are pleased to announce the second installment of the SoCal Bioinformatics Hackathon. From January 9-11, 2019, the National Center for Biotechnology Information will help run a bioinformatics hackathon in Southern California hosted by the CSRC at San Diego State University.. Learn more…
November 2018
Apply to the Graduate Program Now
The CSRC is now accepting applications for both the Doctoral and Master's program. The application period opens October 1 and runs through December 15... Learn more…
December 2018 - Featured Student Research
Mimetic Discretization Methods on Overlapping Grids
Overture is a portable and flexible object-oriented framework for solving partial differential equations (PDEs). One of it features is the composite overlapping grid generation for solving problems that involve the simulation of complex moving geometry... Learn more…
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