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May 2019
Donate to the CSRC
Help influence the direction of CSRC efforts to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions... Learn more…
May 2019
North American High Order Methods Conference
NAHOMcon will take place June 2-5, 2019 on the campus of San Diego State University to be the forum for computational scientists, mathematicians, scientists and engineers to share ideas and techniques. Information regarding registration, venue, and hotels is available on the web site... Learn more…
May 2019
Data Science Workshop
The CSRC will host the Data Science Workshop May 28-30, 2019. The workshop will include an introduction to data science, statistical and machine learning, and related topics. The format will be a series of short lectures, followed by corresponding labs.... Learn more…
June 2019 - Featured Student Research
Simulating Internal Waves Travelling Through the La Jolla Submarine Canyon
Submarine canyons play an important role in adding to the global energy budget of the ocean and mixing nutrients vertically which allows ecosystems to thrive. Most global ocean models are unable to accurately model... Learn more…
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