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August 2015
Donate To The CSRC
Be part of the future of Computational Science and influence the direction of CSRC efforts to solve the most challenging questions in academia and industry. We want you and your company to be part of this effort to fund individual student projects and support our teaching and research missions.... Donate here…
August 2015
CSRC Dengue Research Makes Cover of PLOS
Karen Campbell and collaborators have published a research article featured in the July 29 issue of PLOS. The paper is entitled: "Weather Regulates Location, Timing, and Intensity of Dengue Virus Transmission between Humans and Mosquitoes."... Learn more…
February 2016 - Featured Student Research
Seismic Wave Modeling With Mimetic Perfectly Matched Layers
Seismic waves travel through the many layers of the Earth's subsurface. These waves can be modeled using the elastic wave equation, which includes both pressure (P-waves) and shear (S-waves) energies... Learn more…
December 2015
ACSESS for Industry 2016
The 13th annual ACSESS for Industry Event will be held April 15, 2016 at SDSU's Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center. Program includes keynote speaker, blitz (rapid fire oral) presentations by students, poster sessions and awards ceremony. Mark your calendar for this important event to network with your colleagues in academia and industry.
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